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The Digital Lab and Tech School Mentorship Programme is just that, a mentorship programme aimed at simplifying all your digital needs as you grow your online business confidently and without any tech issues. The twice weekly Live calls include training, support and mentorship plus networking, collaboration and friendship.

What's included in your Mentorship membership?

All current and future courses plus weekly Live group calls

Calls take place every • Tuesday 1 PM BST - Training • Friday 08:30 AM BST - Live Q&A

Your personal and business investment

Access all the current and future digital courses available plus the twice weekly calls for an annual fee of £547 (approx $770) or pay as you go for £49.75/month (Approx $70/month)

Members Love

“"I found it to be really enlightening, Anita. I think the way that you teach is really inspirational, you're so available. But what I love about it is that you go into all the nooks and crannies, stuff that you just wouldn't know how to use unless you've got direction. And you've just sort of made it really simple and easy to follow because that was the thing, I didn't want to be in a situation where I felt overwhelmed because I knew there was so much information to learn but you've made it so easy from week one how to do it and implement it in each stage. So I'm very grateful for that."”

Louisa Marsh – Manifesting Success Coach

“I have reached the most followers EVER this week. It has got me consistent on Instagram. I know how to create stories that LEAD my audience to PM me. My inbound messages on Instagram used to be zero, now I get at least 5 a week. You have made it SIMPLE for my simple brain. Your energy is amazing and spurs me on. I now take my Instagram seriously as a business and build relationships on there too. The whole thing just feels effortless 🙂”

Anneliese McKay - Rebellious Content

““Anita is tops in tech and all things social media. She also keeps up on the latest as we know how fast moving social media can be! She teaches in easy to understand language and is super approachable and answers questions in a timely manner. She has made a profound change in my business visibility as I continue to grow. Thanks Anita!””

Donna Stewart

Your Mentor

Anita Wong - Digital Visibility Strategist

Anita Wong

Digital Marketing Strategist and Live Streaming Expert

UK's Leading Female Live Streaming Video Expert | Digital Visibility Strategist | Helping Untech Savvy women to overcome their fear of tech, use Instagram & Facebook as a business tool & share their message in realtime. The women I work with are often FRUSTRATED & LACK CONFIDENCE, have no strategy, post randomly and become easily overwhelmed by the ever changing digital landscape and often feel challenged to share their message authentically online in realtime due to not understanding how to use their chosen platform effectively. I transform 'UnTech Savvy' Female entrepreneurs into 'TECH SAVVY' FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS who go onto achieve the VISIBILITY they deserve and then go on to build profitable businesses that they are in control of. Often referred to as the 'TECH QUEEN' I work closely with you or your team to successfully move you through the Tech barriers you've been experiencing so that you or your team can implement up to date marketing strategies to achieve the visibility you deserve.