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Grow your online business without the overwhelm

  • Grow Your Confidence

    You don't have to worry about frustration setting in and ruining everything. We've got the solution for you right here! Learn how to break down each step of a task into simple steps, with no way to go wrong.

  • Easy to follow training modules

    Whether that's through Facebook Live videos or creating courses to educate your audience – there IS A FLOW JUST WAITING FOR YOU clearly explained using video, downloads, mentored workshops and live Q & A sessions.

  • Build an online business & create sales

    Bridging the gap and creating a new energetic flow between old school thinking and new age marketing with cutting-edge technology that suits your BUSINESS and helps you create a pathway of sales!

Who Is The Magical WorkFlow Programme For?

  • It is for entrepreneurs like you who want to grow their businesses using Live Streaming and video on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube

  • You want someone on hand to answer your ‘How do I do that’ questions in a safe environment

  • You need help to optimise your Facebook Page (if you are not growing in likes and engagement your page is not optimised); so that you can start attracting the right followers

  • You want to learn how to create impactful content but not sure how to reach enough people or generating sales using video

  • You want quick, simple, easy ways to repurpose content to multiple social media sites confidently

  • You are fed up of seeing your ’competitors’ online every time you open your platforms and you find yourself comparing; and You want to start to grow your business using video on Facebook, Instagram or/and YouTube

  • You want to make sales using video marketing authentically and with ease.

  • You don't have to worry about trying to figure out the best way on your own, we'll provide you with personal touch to help you learn

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Client Feedback

“I just want to give a massive shout out for how great Anita is at making your tech simple and getting you seen in front of more people online. I first met Anita 12 months ago and she is my 'go to' for all things technical. I am a creative and a former 'technophobe!' I used to fear tech so much, it massively held me back in my business. Since working with Anita, my Instagram followers have increased, I am consistent on Instagram, I have lead magnets attached to my Instagram profile, she has helped me optimise my social media platforms, and her energy and belief in you is infectious. If you are a technophobe like I was, you want to hit the ground running with your business, and you also want your visibility and tech to be simple, then reach out to Anita, I highly recommend her.”

Compelling content creator

Anneliese McKay

“Anita is a fantastic trainer. She's so knowledgable and explains the nuances of facebook and instagram really well. I'm a member of her Digital Lab program and I've learnt so much and been able to implement her recommendations to great effect. Highly recommended.”

Image Consultant

Carol Hanson

“I'm a member of Anita's 'Digital Lab and Tech School', learning how to set up a YouTube channel and to create my first videos. The course is excellently organised—with explanatory videos, weekly live sessions and weekly Q&As. Anita has just spent over two hours with me online helping me solve a particularly tricky problem. This is what I call a highly-personalised service. Just amazing! A BIG thank you, Anita.”

The Digital Lab & Tech School

Christine Burgmer

Your Coach Anita Wong

I am a digital visibility strategist & tech queen who will save you from wasting any more time or money trying to work out how to use these social media channels yourself. I'll show you the best ways of using Instagram and Facebook for your business so that you can share your message authentically with ease. You're probably here because one of my clients told me about their frustrations with not knowing how to grow on YouTube or live streaming video? Or maybe they've been spending hours every day posting content but don't know what to post next? You need someone like me! I love BMX racing and being healthy – living life like there are no limits because we all have our own unique story that needs telling!