Let's connect the digital dots together!

  • Grow Your Confidence

    You don't have to worry about frustration setting in and ruining everything. We've got the solution for you right here! Learn how to break down each step of a task into simple steps, with no way to go wrong.

  • Easy to follow training modules

    Whether that's through Facebook Live videos or creating courses to educate your audience – there IS A FLOW JUST WAITING FOR YOU clearly explained using video, downloads, mentored workshops and live Q & A sessions.

  • Build an online business & create sales

    Bridging the gap and creating a new energetic flow between old school thinking and new age marketing with cutting-edge technology that suits your BUSINESS and helps you create a pathway of sales!

What's included in your Digital Lab Membership

All the courses shown below - Prices shown on each course are if brought individually

Bronze Superpower Membership £48/month

Whats included in the

Monthly access to all the Digital Lab & Tech Schools content • Twice Weekly Q&A's for ongoing support • Monthly workshops • Bonus 60 minute strategy session on joining

Silver Superpower Membership £88/month

Whats included in the

Everything in bronze membership plus a quarterly 60 minute Strategy session (worth £200) for planning, tech and accountability! A great quarterly check in to discuss your goals and successes.
digital lab and tech school membership

Gold Superpower Membership £138/month

Whats included in the

All of the elements inside the Bronze and Silver packages plus an individual 60 minute Strategy Session per month (worth £200) for added accountability and to power up your digital skills.

Bonus materials included in your membership

Included in your membership is the following additional content

  • Downloadable Workbooks and Checklists

    Each course comes packed with easy to follow video tutorials AND bonus workbooks and checklists to keep you on track and heading for your goals.

  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls on Zoom

    What better way to achieve your goals than have me on hand to answer any questions you may have about building your business and making those all important sales.

  • 50% off Future Signature Course Content

    As long as you are a member, you'll have the option to join any new Signature course for 50% off the advertised price. Ensuring your stay connected for less.

What the current members have to say about The Digital Lab & Tech School™️

“I have worked with Anita on a number of occasions and have always found her incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Her detailed knowledge of social media, how it works and how to get the most from it is extraordinary. Most recently Anita built my website. Throughout the process she was super helpful and incredibly patient. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone looking to expand their business on line.”

Menopause Coach and Change Strategist

Kate Usher

“I met Anita some ten months ago at a networking group. She is amazing at helping business owners get over their fear of technology , especially solopreneurs who were often reliant on an IT department before branching out on their own! Her explanations are structured, clear and take away any dread you may have been feeling. Anita is a great person to work with.”

Leadership Development

Carole Elam

“Anita is so amazing at what she does! She just loves to inspire business owners to get over their fear of using technology and be visible to clients on social media. It's more important than ever during lock down and she is so helpful with breaking down and explaining the various online platforms. I have benefited so much from Anita's training and sharing of knowledge (both in her Digital Lab group as well as from training delivered at networking events).”


Angela Geldenhuys

Anita Wong

Your host

UK's Leading Female Live Streaming Video Expert | Digital Visibility Strategist | Helping Untech Savvy women to overcome their fear of tech, use Instagram & Facebook as a business tool & share their message in realtime. The women I work with are often FRUSTRATED & LACK CONFIDENCE, have no strategy, post randomly and become easily overwhelmed by the ever changing digital landscape and often feel challenged to share their message authentically online in realtime due to not understanding how to use their chosen platform effectively. I transform 'UnTech Savvy' Female entrepreneurs into 'TECH SAVVY' FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS who go onto achieve the VISIBILITY they deserve and then go on to build profitable businesses that they are in control of. Often referred to as the 'TECH QUEEN' I work closely with you or your team to successfully move you through the Tech barriers you've been experiencing so that you or your team can implement up to date marketing strategies to achieve the visibility you deserve.


  • Is there a minimum membership commitment?

    No, but I would suggest committing to at least 3 months membership to fully experience the changes to your business, mindset and confidence.

  • If I opt for a Gold Superpower Membership & then decide to downgrade to the Silver or Bronze superpower membership, is this possible?

    Yes, of course. Depending on where you are in your business and how much accountability you would like, I would suggest committing to a minimum of 6 months Gold Superpower membership and then adjust your membership level according to your progress.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.