Course Starts Tuesday 21st September 2021

  • 1

    Week 1 - Welcome to Start selling online - Create a sales funnel that converts

    • Week 1 Live Training

    • Course Introduction

    • What are you selling?

    • What are you selling workbook

    • Week 1 Live Q&A

  • 2

    Week 2 - Getting leads from a phone call

    • Week 2 Live Training

    • Introduction to Calendly

    • How to set up Calendly - Basic Dashboard

    • How to create a call room meeting link

    • How to link Calendly to your calendar

    • How to link Calendly to Zoom or Google Meets

    • Where to share your Calendly link

    • Week 3 - Live Q&A

  • 3

    Week 3 - Creating your Freebie/Email Op-tin/Lead Magnet/ Video Freebie

    • Week 3 - Live Training

    • What is your freebie/lead magnet/opt-in offer?

    • Creating your opt-in in Canva

    • How to add links to your PDF in Canva

    • How to download your freebie as a PDF

    • Where to host your video freebie if you have one

    • Week 3 Live Q&A

  • 4

    Week 4 - Setting up your email automation using ConvertKit

    • Week 4 - Live Training

    • What is ConvertKit - Dashboard basics

    • Creating your first list

    • List organisation and tagging

    • Email Optin Sign Up Page

    • How to create your opt-in form

    • Adding your Lead Magnet

    • Email Automation

    • Personalising your email op-tin email

    • Week 4 - Live Q&A

  • 5

    Week 5 Sharing your links on social to capture leads

    • How to add the form onto your website

    • How to add the link to a button on your website

    • How to create a social media landing page using Search my social

  • 6

    Week 6 - Live Support and Q&A

    • Week 6 Live Q&A Catch up call 1

    • Week 6 Live Q&A Catch up call 2

  • 7

    Working with me further - Join The Digital Lab & Tech School

    • What is the digital lab & tech school & how can it help you grow your business online

Start Selling Online is the course to get an online business on track.

Imagine feeling less stressed, for not having those moments of "oh no" or that dreaded "what now?" anymore when a client doesn't schedule their call within your allotted time slot with ConvertKit and you don't have to worry about what email marketing software platform they're using as you'll be sending them PDF's created in Calendly.

This isn't just about capturing leads.. this covers building out your whole sales funnel! Learn how to create a lead magnet, how to shepherd your leads through the process while creating the ultimate conversion experience with the VIP group calls and conference calls. This six week course will help grow or restart any marketer's business with ease.

A few stand out benefits

  • You'll be able to get leads and sales in a more streamlined way.

  • You'll learn the basics of how to share your freebie across your social media.

  • Feel like you have someone on your side, guiding you through the process of building your sales funnel from scratch.

  • Live Training and the opportunity to ask questions to me during out live calls

Easy Pricing options tailored for you

Your course creator and trainer

Anita Wong

Digital Marketing Strategist and Live Streaming Expert

UK's Leading Female Live Streaming Video Expert | Digital Visibility Strategist | Helping Untech Savvy women to overcome their fear of tech, use Instagram & Facebook as a business tool & share their message in realtime. The women I work with are often FRUSTRATED & LACK CONFIDENCE, have no strategy, post randomly and become easily overwhelmed by the ever changing digital landscape and often feel challenged to share their message authentically online in realtime due to not understanding how to use their chosen platform effectively. I transform 'UnTech Savvy' Female entrepreneurs into 'TECH SAVVY' FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS who go onto achieve the VISIBILITY they deserve and then go on to build profitable businesses that they are in control of. Often referred to as the 'TECH QUEEN' I work closely with you or your team to successfully move you through the Tech barriers you've been experiencing so that you or your team can implement up to date marketing strategies to achieve the visibility you deserve.