Work through the course at a steady pace

Get started with YouTube has been created with you in mind! Easy to follow, step by step video training with discussion area for questions and drip fed content to avoid overwhelm

If you're looking to get started on youTube the savvy way, then this micro-course is for you! 

I've created this course to kick start your YouTube journey in the right way, empowering you with the tools, skills and confidence to go off and start building your YouTube footprint your way.

Each week offers something different,  video training, worksheets and downloads to watch, action and return to at any time.

Jammed packed with all the essential settings, how to, SEO and optimisation tricks that will put your videos in front of your ideal audience and help you to start selling your products or services.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1 How to open your YouTube Channel

    • Welcome to Get Started With YouTube

    • How to open your YouTube Channel

    • What type of YouTube Channel do you have?

    • The YouTube Studio - Basic and Advance Settings

    • Get Started With YouTube Client Avatar

  • 2

    Week 2 Your YouTube Channel SEO

    • Intro to Keyword Research for your Channel Keywords

    • Introducing Uber Suggest

    • How Google Search Works

    • How to use Amazon books to research keywords and video titles

    • How to use TubeBuddy to help you choose your Channel Search Keywords

    • How to insert your channel keywords into YouTube

    • Sign up for TubeBuddy - YouTube SEO optimisation tool

  • 3

    Week 3 Channel Graphics and Optimisation

    • How to remove your background in Canva

    • How to create your YouTube banner using the image template provided

    • YouTube Banner Artwork Template

    • How to create your YouTube subscribe icon

    • How to upload your YouTube channel art to your channel

    • Organising your video content on your Youtube home page

  • 4

    Week 4 Tools and Equipment needed to start your video journey

    • Intro to Week 4

    • How to use TubeBuddy on the mobile

    • Video Equipment for in studio and on the go

    • How to create your description defaults using TubeBuddy

    • How to update your YouTube video description defaults in YouTube Studio

    • How to use the YouTube Studio on your mobile

    • Zoom Basic Settings

    • How to connect and share your mobile device with Zoom

    • How to host a meeting to record videos for your YouTube

    • Loom Video Recorder Part 1

    • Loom Video Recorder Part 2

    • Welcome to my channel script example

    • Welcome Video Script Example (word Doc)

  • 5

    Week 5 & 6 Uploading videos to YouTube

    • TubeBuddy for beginners

    • Tubebuddy SEO Studio

    • How to create your thumbnail for YouTube and upload it into tube buddy see

    • How to apply your saved SEO work to a video already uploaded

    • YouTube - How to upload from your desktop/laptop

    • YouTube - Title And Description upload information

    • YouTube - How to add end screens and cards plus captions to your YouTube video upload

    • YouTube - Publishing options for your video

  • 6

    Week 7 Going Live on YouTube

    • Live Streaming using Restream - How to connect your YouTube channel to Restream

    • Restream basics

    • Live Streaming Gear Set Up

    • How to Live stream to YouTube from Zoom using Restream

    • How to connect Zoom Via Restream RTMP

    • How to go Live from Zoom directly into YouTube

  • 7

    Week 8 Repurposing and Sharing your YouTube Videos

    • Short guide covering where you can share your videos directly

    • How to share your Youtube videos using the share options plus bonus to Facebook

    • How to share your YouTube links to social - Twitter

    • How to add your Youtube links to your email providers - ConvertKit specific

    • How to embed your youtube videos onto your website

    • How to upload a repurposed video to IGTV (Instagram)

    • How to upload your repurposed videos to IGTV from your desktop/laptop computer

Client Love

5 star rating


Alessandro Ferullo

Amazing course both content and teaching with great clarity

Amazing course both content and teaching with great clarity

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5 star rating

Starting An Amazing YouTube Channel With Anita!!

Melanie Brown

I joined the YouTube Course because everyone was talking about the importance to get on this platform. I was a little nervous because I am not techky and thought that it would be very hard. I have to say that I have been totally blown away wit...

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I joined the YouTube Course because everyone was talking about the importance to get on this platform. I was a little nervous because I am not techky and thought that it would be very hard. I have to say that I have been totally blown away with the amount of information Anita has put into this course. She has broken down every step in such a way, there is absolutely no way that you can get it wrong. It's so easy to follow. The videos are incredibly clear and straight to the point. In addition you have zoom trainings to reinforce what you have learnt. This is backed up with Q & A sessions where you can ask anything that you are working on in connection with your channel. You can tell that everyone who was on the course, was getting their worth as they repeatedly turned up week after week for the live sessions. Anita has overdelivered again! If you are wondering if this course is worth doing, the answer is YES!! It's worth every single penny and more.

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The Tech Queen Herself!

Digital Visibility Strategist and leading Live Streaming expert

Anita Wong

Digital Marketing Strategist and Live Streaming Expert

UK's Leading Female Live Streaming Video Expert | Digital Visibility Strategist | Helping Untech Savvy women to overcome their fear of tech, use Instagram & Facebook as a business tool & share their message in realtime. The women I work with are often FRUSTRATED & LACK CONFIDENCE, have no strategy, post randomly and become easily overwhelmed by the ever changing digital landscape and often feel challenged to share their message authentically online in realtime due to not understanding how to use their chosen platform effectively. I transform 'UnTech Savvy' Female entrepreneurs into 'TECH SAVVY' FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS who go onto achieve the VISIBILITY they deserve and then go on to build profitable businesses that they are in control of. Often referred to as the 'TECH QUEEN' I work closely with you or your team to successfully move you through the Tech barriers you've been experiencing so that you or your team can implement up to date marketing strategies to achieve the visibility you deserve.