Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Welcome to Get Started With YouTube

    • How to open your YouTube Channel

    • What type of YouTube Channel do you have?

    • The YouTube Studio - Basic and Advance Settings

    • Get Started With YouTube Client Avatar

  2. 02
    • Intro to Keyword Research for your Channel Keywords

    • Introducing Uber Suggest

    • How Google Search Works

    • How to use Amazon books to research keywords and video titles

    • How to use TubeBuddy to help you choose your Channel Search Keywords

    • How to insert your channel keywords into YouTube

    • Sign up for TubeBuddy - YouTube SEO optimisation tool

  3. 03
    • How to remove your background in Canva

    • How to create your YouTube banner using the image template provided

    • YouTube Banner Artwork Template

    • How to create your YouTube subscribe icon

    • How to upload your YouTube channel art to your channel

    • Organising your video content on your Youtube home page

  4. 04
    • Intro to Week 4

    • How to use TubeBuddy on the mobile

    • Video Equipment for in studio and on the go

    • How to create your description defaults using TubeBuddy

    • How to update your YouTube video description defaults in YouTube Studio

    • How to use the YouTube Studio on your mobile

    • Zoom Basic Settings

    • How to connect and share your mobile device with Zoom

    • How to host a meeting to record videos for your YouTube

    • Loom Video Recorder Part 1

    • Loom Video Recorder Part 2

    • Welcome to my channel script example

    • Welcome Video Script Example (word Doc)

  5. 05
    • TubeBuddy for beginners

    • Tubebuddy SEO Studio

    • How to create your thumbnail for YouTube and upload it into tube buddy see

    • How to apply your saved SEO work to a video already uploaded

    • YouTube - How to upload from your desktop/laptop

    • YouTube - Title And Description upload information

    • YouTube - How to add end screens and cards plus captions to your YouTube video upload

    • YouTube - Publishing options for your video

  6. 06
    • Live Streaming using Restream - How to connect your YouTube channel to Restream

    • Restream basics

    • Live Streaming Gear Set Up

    • How to Live stream to YouTube from Zoom using Restream

    • How to connect Zoom Via Restream RTMP

    • How to go Live from Zoom directly into YouTube

  7. 07
    • Short guide covering where you can share your videos directly

    • How to share your Youtube videos using the share options plus bonus to Facebook

    • How to share your YouTube links to social - Twitter

    • How to add your Youtube links to your email providers - ConvertKit specific

    • How to embed your youtube videos onto your website

    • How to upload a repurposed video to IGTV (Instagram)

    • How to upload your repurposed videos to IGTV from your desktop/laptop computer