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Course Content

23 Modules including 116 video tutorials, written lessons and downloadable content PLUS BONUS'S GALORE

  • 1

    Welcome to Instagram & Facebook Business Stories For Success Programme

    • Welcome message from your trainer Anita Wong

  • 2
  • 3

    Reset your Facebook Business Page for Success

    • Video 1 - Facebook Business Page About Section

    • Video 2 - Facebook Business Page Settings and Messenger Settings

    • Video 3 - Facebook Templates, Tabs and Notification Settings

    • Video 4 - Your Call To Action button settings

    • Video 5 - Your Facebook Insights Settings

    • Video 6 - Your Facebook Shop Settings

    • Bonus Shopping Set Up

    • Bonus Connecting your Facebook Profile and your Biz Page

    • That's Facebook Wrapped up

  • 4

    Instagram Hashtag Strategy For Business Success

  • 5

    Your 9 Square Grid - How to plan your Instagram Feed

    • Your Instagram Grid layout 5 sub niches explained

    • Grid Design Ideas For your Feed Posts

    • Instagram Feed Design Template

    • 5 Niche Grid Planner

  • 6

    How to use Instagram Stories For Success

    • Introduction to Instagram Stories

    • Instagrams new layout Nov 2020 - Principles and features are the same

    • How to create your stories from your feed posts

    • How to create a story using Instagrams camera

    • How to use the Create option inside Instagram Stories

    • How to use Boomerang to create Stories

    • How to use the layout option to create your stories

    • How to use SuperZoom to create your Stories

    • How to use the Handsfree option inside of Stories

    • How to use Instagram Stickers

    • How to activate and use your Stories Archives

    • Your Stories Highlights

    • How to create a branded Stories Highlights Cover in Canva

    • The Low Down

  • 7

    How to use Facebook Stories For Success

    • Introduction to How to Use Facebook Business Stories For Success

    • Your Profile and Business Stories Explained

    • How to use your Facebook Profile Stories App

    • Facebook Stories Highlights Explained

    • How to use your Facebook Business Page Stories part 1

    • How to use your Facebook business page stories part 2

    • How to post to your Facebook business page using the Facebook mobile App

    • Bonus - How to use the creator studio to post to Facebook and Instagram from your Desktop

    • Bonus - How to post to your Facebook business page directly

    • Bonus - How to use the Facebook and Instagram Business Suite App on your phone

  • 8

    How to use Video in IGTV & Instagram Live

    • How to incorporate IGTV into your Instagram Stories Strategy

    • Where to find the IGTV App on your phone and inside Instagram

    • Video 1 - How to upload to IGTV via the instagram App

    • Video 2 - How to upload to IGTV via The Desktop

    • Video 3 - How to use the stand alone IGTV App to upload to IGTV

    • Video 4 - How to upload a new video to IGTV and create a series

    • Video 5 - How to add current videos to series on IGTV

    • Video 6 Bonus - How to create a video for IGTV or stories using Video Shop mobile App

    • Video 7 - How to Go Live on Instagram

  • 9

    Short Video on Instagram - Mastering REELS

    • Introduction to Reels

    • Reels Strategy 2021

    • How to create your timed Reel Segments

    • How to publish your Reels

    • Creating a Reel using video you've created elsewhere

    • 7 Instagram REELS Ideas

  • 10

    How to Go Live on Facebook From Your Mobile

    • How to go Live on Facebook from your mobile phone

  • 11

    Instagram Stories Apps For Business Success

    • Module 6 Stories App Introduction

    • Video 1 The Mojo App

    • Video 2 Canva Stories & Canva Mobile

    • Video 3 - Canva on Desktop

    • Video 4 - part 1 on Desktop

    • Video 5 - part 2

    • Bonus Video - Using Clipomatic on your iPhone

  • 12

    How to generate LEADS for your business from Instagram Stories

    • Introduction to Instagram Stories Swipe up Strategy

    • Instagram Stories Slide Show

    • How to create your Instagram Swipe up button

    • How to create a swipe up button if you have a Instagram Shop activated.

  • 13

    How to generate business leads from your Facebook Stories

    • Facebook Stories Swipe up Strategy Video 1

    • Facebook Intro Slide Show

    • How to Switch on and off your Link.tree links for your promos

    • Swipe up Stories Method 2 - How to share your business page posts to Stories

    • Swipe Up Stories Method 1 - How to add a clickable swipe up button to your stories

  • 14

    Instagram Guides

    • New instagram guides Tutorial

  • 15

    Instagram Messaging & Selling in the DM's

    • Introduction to Instagram Messaging

    • Overview of Instagram Messaging

    • Messenger privacy settings

    • Saved replies inside Instagram Messenger

    • How to add FAQ to your Instagram account

    • How to create a group chat in Instagram

    • Instagram messaging round up

  • 16

    Month 1 - Plan your Instagram and Facebook Business Goals - Bonus Content 1

    • Social Media Goals - 30 Day Planner

    • Example of how you can break down feed posts and create stories

  • 17

    Month 1 - BONUS CONTENT - Your Energetic Content Templates

    • Introducing 90 Days of Energetic Content Templates

    • Introduction to Energetic Content Workbook - Knowing your audience

    • Energetic Content Templates Day 1-30

    • Energetic Content Template copy & paste format Day 1-30

  • 18

    Month 2 Planning your goals - Planning your content

    • Social Media Goals - 30 Day Planner

    • Example of how you can break down feed posts and create stories

  • 19

    Month 2 BONUS CONTENT - Your Energetic Content Templates

    • Month 2 Energetic Content Templates

    • Month 2 Energetic Content Templates Text version

  • 20

    Month 3 - BONUS CONTENT 1 - Plan your goals

    • Social Media Goals - 30 Day Planner

    • Example of how you can break down feed posts and create stories

  • 21

    Month 3 - BONUS 2 CONTENT - Your Energetic Content Templates

    • Month 3 Energetic content

    • Month 3 Energetic content text

  • 22

    Bonus 30 Day Visibility Accountability Module

    • Day 1

    • Day 2

    • Day 3

    • Day 4

    • Day 5

    • Day 6 Saturday post

    • Day 7 Sunday posts

  • 23


    • The Camera Equipment I recommend for Live video

    • Link to my Amazon Shop

    • Live Streaming Links and Discount

  • 24

    Instagram Updates as they happen 2021

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